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BSS Fair Play Policy

The amazing offer from BSS Register for a school term and for an extra $65 you have an open membership {our travel card membership}, this means you can come to any centre or any session, this opens up a maximum of 70 sessions if you did them all.

Once registered at any centre, you can come to the Football Factory on a Wed evening to play $5 Futsal, this will soon be a full on Futsal Competition and teams to represent BSS will be selected from these Kids.

$185 Registration is for 1 session at one centre only.

Take off 18.50 for each week of the term that has elapsed to pay your registration if joining late.

Click on the register now button if paying through PayPal

 Parade College Centre

Venue: Parade College Bundoora, 1436 Plenty Road, Bundoora, VIC 3083

Dates 2014:

Starting weekend of Friday 31st January to March 30th 2014

Starting weekend of Friday 25th April to June 23nd 2014

Starting weekend of Friday 18th July to September 19th 2014

Starting weekend of Friday October 10th to December 7th

Time: sessions will operate between 5:00pm - 6:00pm, each session is 60 minutes

Cost: term sessions $185*

*Parade College requires INDOOR FOOTWEAR

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Take up to 60 extra lessons for $65, with our travel card membership.


Methodist Ladies College, Kew

Venue: 207 Barkers Road, Kew, VIC 3101

Dates 2014:

Starting weekend of Sat 1st Feb to March 30th 2014

Starting weekend of Sat 26th April to June 23nd 2014

Starting weekend of Sat 19th July to September 20th 2014

Starting weekend of Sat October 11th to December 7th 2014

No classes on 1st of November, School closed.

Time: sessions will operate between 9:00 and 10am - 10 and 11am and 11am - 12pm . Each session is 60 minutes

MLC does not operate on long weekends.

Cost: Term sessions $185*


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Take up to 60 extra lessons for $65, with our travel card membership


Moreland Primary School, Coburg

Venue: Moreland Primary School, Moreland Road, Coburg, VIC 3058

Entrance : Opposite 15 Blair Street at the back of school.

Dates 2014:

Starting weekend of Sun 2nd Feb to March 30th 2014

Starting weekend of Sun 27th April to June 23nd 2014

Starting weekend of Sun 20th July to September 21st 2014

Starting weekend of Sun October 12th to December 7th 2014

Time: sessions will operate between 9:00 - 10am and 10 - 11.00am Each session is 60 minutes

Cost: Term sessions $185*

*Moreland Primary requires INDOOR FOOTWEAR

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Take up to 60 extra lessons for $65, with our travel card membership

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Everyone at Brunswick is delighted to start this new adventure as friends of The Football Factory. We are looking forward to using their high quality coaches and coaching methods and look forward to watching our boys and girls improve over the season.

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